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What is content writing?

This is a form of online writing which is use to describe a service or product for website. It involves production of write-ups which are posted on particular websites for the purpose of selling, marketing or promoting products or services. Content writers produce such writings according to a client’s instructions which include; right keyword density and high quality content among others. The major different between a good writers and a poor writers are the ability to generate 100% unique content. “At we guaranteed to compose 100% unique content for all topics,” Lance Nguyen stated. As he continue, when publishing content on website, make sure the content is 100% unique and over 500 words or Google might penalize and de-rank on Google search result.

SEO content writing services

There exist a number of company and online websites offering content writing services but not all companies can produce high quality content. Professional content writers are those that present with creative, reader-friendly and original content. The trick to choosing quality content writers is by evaluating two to three finish contents. Popular web content writing services that can improve organic search are web page writing services, blog writing services, article writing services, and product description writing services.

Web pages writing services

High quality web content on a website pages is one way of promoting brands and boosting organic traffic. This service requires higher level of expertise and should be done by senior writer. Content writing is one of the hardest tasks among all content services. It required 100% unique content that will get visitor to engage and make an action within the first 1minute landed on the website.

Blog writing services

Another way of getting high Google rankings is by published many blogs post for web content. Contents are the key to organic search. Blog post does not require heavily on quality blogs but it does require 100% unique, proper grammar, and keywords inserting. The best way blog post are posts that address problems and how to solve reader problem. Blog writing services are charged at a medium rate since crafting blog post mainly done by junior and associate writer.

Article writing services

This service is good for website owner who want to publish more content on a daily basis. Article writing services are done by specialize writer that know how SEO work. Articles are heavily focus on targeted keywords and is crafted to be 100% unique. writers and founder have years of experience in article writing services for website. All their articles are 100% satisfaction and offer unlimited revision until their buyers are satisfied.

Product description writing services.

This service does not depend heavily on word count and it does not required 500 words article, instead its focus on friendly product description texts that can help reader understand by reading the first sentence.

The secret to content marketing and free back-link is by creating high quality content that people want to share. Avoid Google penalties and poor rankings by hiring professional content writers to do all intense writing.